cargo api


Our Cargo-API’s are part of the next step in the Cargo Digital Roadmap, bringing you full digital transparency on your shipments. You are now able to retrieve tracking-data directly from your company’s cargo system, and fully integrate it to create your personalized end-solution.


Retrieve a list of all customers linked to the Cargo email address used on Make sure you always retrieve the latest list of customers linked to an email address. Verify your completeness with this endpoint!


Retrieve and create a list of all the AWB’s for a single customer, identical to the list shown in MyCargo as logged on customer. Each AWB in the list will already contain the summary details of a shipment. Don’t forget the filter possibilities! You have same options as on our website! Like filter on status, weight, product and or origin/destinations.


Want to see all the details of a shipment transport? Maybe even build your own roadmap like the one shown in the route-map on AFKLCargo? It is all possible with this end-point and even more! Display the complete progress history of a shipment journey, with all their accompanied statuses and have detailed booking information on all segments of the route!