meta search


Use the Metasearch API for the lowest available prices on a given route, to use in your metasearch solution

Available in Open Data


Have you always wanted to revolutionize A to B flight search? Have you thought of new ways for our passengers to find the right flights? If so, Flight Offer is what you need! It provides schedules, ticket prices, connection information, and much more.

Available in Open Data


Did you ever wonder if you would be able to recharge your tablet whilst being on the internet on your plane ? And what are you going to eat by the way ? What kind of entertainment will be available ? Everything about all those fancy amenities provided on one’s flight is just a few calls away!

Soon Available in Open Data


What if you could have real time information about flight statuses, directly from the source itself? We're sure you have plenty of ideas to put this information to good use. Use Flight Status to develop new, interesting ways to utilize real time departure and arrival information of Air France and KLM-operated flights. Coming soon to the Open Data API!