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AFKL participates in the Dutch Mobility Hackathon

On the 16th and 17th of November, the Dutch Mobility Hackathon took place, in which AFKL played the role of organizing partner. The challenge for this hackathon was to create solutions that will steer travelers – both in the Netherlands and outside – towards making more meaningful and effective choices when it comes to their travel routes.

About 70 people participated in the event. AFKL was represented by 4 Mentors, 1 Jury member and 6 hackathon participants. In total, there were 11 teams of which 3 teams used the AFKL APIs and developer portal. The ANWB provided an amazing hackathon location which included a game room, sleeping rooms, massage facilities and plenty of good catering!

Thanks to the AFKL HR office, we had a beautiful banner and objectively the best goodies ever: a small KLM plane that had flashing lights and made airplane noises. Not only did we have the coolest goodie amongst the others, but, thanks to the noises of the planes, it was also the most annoying.

After people had the time to tinker around with the provided APIs, one team won the prize for best solution. This solution was ‘Stranded’, an app that – in case of a train disruption – connects people to each other to share rides, find cabs or book Ubers to get to the destination anyway.

According to our inside source (our AFKL jury member) the AFKL team had the best working solution, but did not make the Top 3 of winning concepts. However, Bas – as pitcher for the AFKL team’s solution – won the best Pitch award. Congratulations, Bas!

The event was worthwhile for AFKL because the participating teams could test-drive our developer portal and our APIs. There is room for improvement there, but in general everything was clear to the developers. Moreover, we as AFKL, could take away some new solutions and ideas from the participating teams. In turn, we could show the developers that AFKL is an innovative organization.
As stated before, there is some room for improvement, which we will be focusing on in 2019.