Air France-KLM API Developer Portal Developer Blog

Welcome to our new developer portal!

We're very pleased to release the complete redesign of our API developer portal. APIs have been at the center of Digital Strategy of Air France - KLM for a couple of years now. Our architecture has made the transition to an API first architecture, enabling us to provide our customers with a seamless and consistent experience across our different digital touchpoints. While at first, our APIs were primarily aimed at supporting our internal front-ends, we have started to open up some of our APIs to the outside world, in order to allow us to be where our customers are, by giving external parties the opportunity to integrate parts of the customer journey of Air France - KLM passengers into their own applications.

A professional developer portal is a key enabler for this. Our previous portal, which was put in place quickly to facilitate hackathons, has been replaced by a professional solution that provides a clear overview of the different APIs we have opened up to external parties.

Navigation has been improved: the portal now naturally guides the visitor through the discovery of our APIs. The way we present our API documentation got a major overhaul as well. It is now more clear which endpoints belong to which API, and how they are related. It is also easier to navigate between products and more detailed documentation.

Products now have a dedicated page in which their functionality and value can be explained on a high level.

We will keep improving the portal, iteratively adding new functionality. We plan to add a Forum and FAQ soon, as well as a Showcase section.

Keep you posted!