The NBA API provides a ranked list of ancillaries and services offers, called actions. It takes into account the customer profile/history (if available), the current status of a reservation (time relevancy), business rules of the action applicability and the business value for the airline. The API enables you to find out the next best action to propose to a customer.

Moreover, the API can collect several customer interactions related to the NBA proposed actions, for example, the feedback endpoint allow the API to know if an action was displayed and if the customer clicked on it or just swiped it. It allows to adapt the ranking rules to propose better actions.

The actions are a mix of Ancillaries (luggage, seat, meal, lounge, etc) and Services (FB profile update, airport map, etc). The API, for example, can propose a better seat for a long duration flight or makes available the boarding pass in the moment of the customer boarding.

Please note that this API is not a stand-alone API. Links to NBAAPI are today returned by ReservationAPI and CheckinAPI.

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