Data scope

Data scope:

Data providers for baggage allowance API:

1. Geography service:

  • This service is used to get the country by airport code, what the consumer sends in the request.

2. Generic admin tool:

  • This service is used to get the region/sub-area/tariff area details, Baggage property (Dimensions & Weights), Frequent Flyer Details of airlines & airline alliance, Pet exceptions, Cabin classes for AF & KL.

3. Trip Planner - Time Table Service:

  • Once the baggage allowance API receives request from the consumers, first service call will be to the "Trip Planner Time Table Service" to fetch the list of available flight options for the given Origin and Destination, based on which the most significant carrier will be determined.

4. Catalog Aggregator for Selling Ancillaries (CASA):

  • This service provides the special baggage prices for wwPiece, AF Piece Online, Animal Vivant in Hold, Bike, Diving Tank, Heavy, Oversize, Pet in Cabin, Surfboard large. Airport price, Online price & Miles price will be returned.

5. Content Rest Service:

  • This service provides the content, mainly the error messages, additional information about baggage, images for various baggage types.

6. Trip Planner - Baggage Service:

  • This service provides the base allowance for the given flight segment. Also it provides allowances per fare family and allowances per cabin/travel class in a single response along with the respective fare base.

Scenario: passengers without a booking (Allowances based on O&D):

Operating AirlineKLMAir FrancePartnersRemarksJira Item
Flight Data:

* Flight schedule of Host used (tick) (error)
The flight schedule on is used to select possible journeys (1 or more flights)

BAGA - 226, BAGA - 227, BAGA - 228

* Business rules for prio (tick) (tick)
BAGA ruling to select 1 of the possible journeys


Class and Fare:

For the selected journey:
* Travel Class - Economy  (tick) (tick)
From Tripplanner (ATPCO)
* Travel Class - Business (tick) (tick)
From Tripplanner (ATPCO)
* Travel Class - First /La premiere - (error)

BAGA - 191
* Travel Class - Premium Economy - (error)

BAGA - 192
* Branded Fare: if applicable (tick) (tick)    From Tripplanner (ATPCO)
Free Allowance

* Checked Baggage (tick) (tick)
From Tripplanner (ATPCO/GAT): in kg and lbs 
* Hand Baggage (tick) (tick)
From Tripplanner (ATPCO/GAT): in kg and lbs 
* Accessories (tick) (tick)
From GAT: in kg?
* Specific Infant allowance (tick) (tick)
BAGA ruling + Tripplanner ADT allowances
* Dimensions  (tick) (tick)

Loyalty Allowance:

Prices are/could be different per Travel Class and/or Loyalty Membership
* Flying Blue (tick) (tick)
From GAT: in kg (+ lbs?)
* SkyTeam (tick) (tick)
From GAT: in kg (+ lbs?)
* Corporate TBD TBD
From Tripplanner
* Airline Employees  TBD TBD
From Tripplanner
Bought Allowance:

* Additional baggage already bought - -
A passenger without a booking hasn't bought additional baggage already
Special Baggage:

Prices are/could be different per Travel Class and/or Loyalty Membership
* Additional baggage (tick) (tick)

* Dive equipment (tick) (tick)

* Bicycle or tandem (tick) (tick)

* Golf equipment (tick) (tick)

* Ski or snowboard equipment (tick) (tick)

* Fishing equipment (tick) (tick)

* Weapons (tick) (tick)

* Surf equipment (tick) (tick)

* Other sports equipment (tick) (tick)

* Pet (tick) (tick)

* Musical instrument (tick) (tick)

* Over-sized baggage (tick) (tick)

* Wedding dress (error) (error)

* Prices of special baggage (tick) (tick)

Baggage Policy:

* Dimensions (tick) (tick)

* Disclaimer (tick) (tick)

* Content (other) (tick) (tick)


2. Scenario: passengers with a booking:

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