Error Codes



Technical errors

HTTP code
INSP_500.000 500
INSP_500.001 500
INSP_500.002 500
INSP_500.003 500
INSP_500.004 500
INSP_500.005 500
INSP_500.006 500
INSP_500.007 500
INSP_500.008 500
WS_502.000 502
WS_502.001 502
WS_502.002 502

Functional errors

HTTP code
INSP_404.000 404 The requested URL doesn't exist
INSP_406.000 406

The requested media type is not the one provided by InspireAPI (for example if the Accept header is set to application/xml).

INSP_400.000 400 A mandatory input parameter is missing
INSP_400.001 400 An input parameter is invalid
INSP_400.002 400 An input parameter has an invalid format


HTTP code
DEST_400.000 400

Some input parameters are dependant, such as the origin and price in GET /destinations/inspiration.

This error is returned when the price is given in input, but not the origin.

DEST_404.000 404  Destination Not Found
ORI_404.000 404  Origin Not Found
DEST_404.001 404  Destination Not Found by Trip planner
FLIGHT_404.001 404 The given flight number/date is not found by IVORY
FLIGHT_404.002 404 Flight configuration not found
CC_404.000 404  The cabin class is not found
CC_404.001 404 The cabin class is not available for the given aircraft
CC_404.002 404 Can't determine cabin classes available for flight
IATA_404.000 404 The city or airport IATA code is not found
CONTENT_404.001 404 No matching rich content was found for a cabin class available in this flight
CONTENT_404.002 404 No matching rich content was found for the given category

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