Network and Schedule API


The objective of Network and Schedule API is to communicate about the typical network of the AFKL group.

It includes the data related to the most representative week of the season in order to have a global view of the network and the offers of the group.


Through the API you are able to filter flights on a lot of parameters such as departure/arrival location, departure/arrival time, aircraft name ...

You can access to different resources that are related to the above flight parameters : 

flights, flight frequency, countries, cities, equipments.

With these resources and parameters the API allows you  to answer these type of questions :

  • How many flights per week are operated by AF from Paris to China with A380 plane ?
  • What is the flight frequency between from Paris to Rio de Janeiro ?
  • What are the countries served by Transavia ?
  • Which cities in United States are served by AF from Paris ?


You can also select the detail level of the response. For example, you can ask to have every station attribute in the response with the expand parameter

Please note that :

  • NS API is a standalone API.
  • The first available season is Summer 2017. Information for a season will remain available after the season ends.

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