Get Started

Get Started


Postman is used to construct HTTP requests using specific HTTP verb, variables, body content and headers. It is accessible here


To configure Postman, two imports are needed:

First, the requests collection shall be imported by clicking on the "Import" button . There the following postman collection file shall be selected from the prompted dialog box (see below)



Authorization acces : only api_key

Since april 2018 , this API change authorization level. No more token is necessary (parm username , password , bearer are not necessary)

Only pass a parm called "api_key" with an appropriate value.



Once configuration is done, requests should be accessible in the left panel. Click on the "Collection" tab and select the request to perform. Once opened, a request can be performed using the "Send" button. To create a request from scratch, click on the "Params" button in the tab section and fill in the required parameters:


With the SEND button, you send the request and qet response from NetworkAndScheduleAPI Ute1 :



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