Offers API



The Offers API provides flight schedules, fares and transfer information for KLM and
Air France for any bookable date in the future.


This API enables you to find out all the options related to a passenger journey including information on schedule, prices, taxes & surcharges, route information, alternative choices, conditions, etc.  


After you've registered your developer account and application, you'll be able to access the following parameters for your application on the Applications page. It is helpful to briefly understand these for the rest of this guide. You will receive an email with the the API keym You can also find these information in My Account section.

Application Parameters

 Parameter  Description
 Api-Key  Access key to make a call to the resource

For Open Data resource endpoints Oauth API token authentication is not required, you can simply make a call to the resource with your API key. The API key(api-key) has to be in the Header part of the resource call.

Example :

            curl -X GET \
                -H 'accept: application/hal+json' \
                -H 'accept-language: en-US' \
                -H 'afkl-travel-country: NL' \
                -H 'afkl-travel-host: KL' \
                -H 'api-key: testapikey'

In the above example, you can see 'api-key' is in header along with other resource specific header parameters

Note :
Please note that apart from API key you may need to add some other header parameters / request parameters as per resource documentation. Please navigate to specific endpoint resource for more information

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